Publishing of an odd variety

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Not in Sight – a Prelude

2 years in the making. For 52 pages of an A4 folded in half it is an unnecessarily long time. What isn't an unnecessarily long time, is the time on the road, the in betweens of when you are in between. Live in that moment and you know you are a traveller. And with that thought we set out to make a travel magazine of a different kind. One which won't be an answer to anything, but a collection of…
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Welcome to Dearth of Matter

Publishing, mostly. Things that have a lot left desired about the volumes of words, written and spoken around them. They leave a void. We shall fill them. That's about it. Our projects will follow below this post as and when they happen, because we believe a menu should only exist in a restaurant (not really, but maybe). Enjoy your stay here!  
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