Publishing of an odd variety

Not in Sight – a Prelude

2 years in the making.

For 52 pages of an A4 folded in half it is an unnecessarily long time.

What isn’t an unnecessarily long time, is the time on the road, the in betweens of when you are in between. Live in that moment and you know you are a traveller. And with that thought we set out to make a travel magazine of a different kind. One which won’t be an answer to anything, but a collection of things. For isn’t that what travel is meant to be? One that won’t evoke a feeling of want but of longing.

Sorry for the interruption – the zine is out now.

You may now continue …

We didn’t end up making one, but if you did nod a silent nod no one can see┬áthen this thing we have is for you.

The Things We Don’t See

a Map Not in Sight

Krishna wrote a lovely note sometime last year, when in a moment of inspired joblessness he put together our small bunch of stories onto his office printer and stuck them with a paper clip, that spoke of the spring colours erupting in the sidewalk blooms. It captured everything this book is about. Things we see on the roads, always hanging in the air, like a conversation or a just a memory left behind, but never in our sight. So the last thing we wrote became the first thing you will read.

What Will You Read?

What began in the by lanes of Kala Ghoda, where a passionate tirade against the gluttony of the travel plans we all make. Itineraries crammed into the little days we get, lest we miss out on some memory to talk about ten thousand years hence. Stuff ourselves so full that we don’t remember the taste anymore. The thought gets my goat even now. Maybe I’ll reserve my vex for another edition. For in this, we speak about the in betweens. The thoughts you can’t really share, or the dreams you can’t put a filter on and show. The feels. The feels that only the heat and the winds can evoke on a long road. The places you can’t quite go back to but itch to nevertheless. Like a movie that ends the moment your flight hits the runway, a perfect climax.

We wanted to take you to those places, and hope that you see what we did.

It’s fictional, or maybe not, we both don’t know. For we both were on the roads of that made for the camera land of Kerala around the same time, and we decided that’s where we are going back to in this book. I’ll catch a bus, tell some stories along the way and then get down and pass the seat for him to take it wherever the words led. That didn’t quite go to plan though.

7 stories later, there were more buses crawling to various parts, with various folks, in directions beyond what we intended, heck even a train comes chugging along for a cameo. So you might find a lot of meta going on like easter eggs, that were only partly intentional and is in general a let down of an opportunity.

These are short stories these 7, save 2. The idea was to keep this fleeting, like the memories we wrote about.

And thus became the book a zine.

Which is funny, because we both really didn’t know what a zine was until we realized we don’t have enough pages to call this book a book. And in between trying to figure ways to convince others that it is one, we found that we don’t need to. And so it is that you will read a zine.

And it works.

You pick this, read end to end in a short slice of time. But then perhaps, you will go back to it, and you will find something new you didn’t see earlier. And then it repeats so, till the stories aren’t ours anymore, you’ve made it your own, with mental notes etched in imaginary corners, no one can see.

Which works perfectly well for us, we are glad we got to write it with you.

2 Years Later

We are now ready to bring this to you. Right from the outset we were sure, we wanted to make something physical. Something to hold and feel, (funnily enough we wrote that down on iPad), something that carries time with it, something that gets old and wrinkled and is mostly useless except for a few stories to tell.

You can get this to grow old with delivered to you. All in a gloriously unimpressive brown envelope with perhaps a little gift from us (only for a lucky few, because travel is all about serendipity yo!).

We open for orders soon.

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